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We offer customization outdoor catering options for weddings, parties, business meets and more. Browse our catering menu and choose from the options made available for your convenience.







Choice of Toast

Peanut Butter                                                Margherita                                                Amazon on Fire

Jungle Marinara/Pesto                               Godfather                                                  Jalapeno Chilli Marinara

Pesto Tomato Mozzarella

Margherita_new Jungle marinara toast Amazon on fire Toast Pesto tomato scamorza Godfather toast

Choice of Dessert

Brownie               Chocolate Truffle Cupcake             Strawberry Swiss Roll              Red Velvet Cake
Picture7Chocolate BrowniePicture13Picture8

Choice of Beverage

Tea (Masala/Green/Black)

Coffee (Americano/Cappuccino/Latte/Cold Coffee)
Picture11        9A256E1B-C0A8-45AD-A43C-525E65E348D4         lemongrassgouttea


How much in advance do I need to make my booking?

We require a minimum of 5 days advance notice to make a booking. Further we require the site at least 15 hours in advance to setup our kiosk.

Can the live kiosk be set-up anywhere?

An area of 11 feet by 8 feet is required to set up the kiosk. Also a 3 phase electrical connection as well as water supply is needed to set-up our oven as well as other equipment. Before confirming any booking we conduct and verify the site/ location for its suitability.

Is there a minimum guarantee of the number of people?

There is no minimum guarantee however below 250 people there is a minimum charge for a live kiosk to be setup.

How do I make a booking for a live kiosk to be set-up at my event?

You need to contact us via email or phone and share the details of your event date, number of people, location, menu choice, etc.. The availability of the required date is verified Menu is finalized The Location/ site is cleared to be suitable for the kiosk The advance is paid and the booking is made